Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project #10 Final Report on my PLN

My PLN, thinking back on it, did not start in this class. Before EDM310, I already had friends and relatives I could go to if I had questions about technology or education. I discovered Symbaloo in this class, but already had Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to EDM310, my PLN has grown tremendously. Since my last PLN report, I have added several educators, technology gurus and several educational and informative websites.

Twitter and Facebook are great sites for sharing links, articles and different teaching techniques. They are also great because you can throw a question out into the universe and people answer you quickly and enthusiastically! For me, Facebook is the most beneficial of the two. I had friends on Facebook that I didn’t even know were teachers and when I shared links, such as Jose Picardo’s Box of Tricks, they thanked me for them. They also started sharing things with me once they found out I was an education major.

Some of the people I have added were already on Facebook, such as Deanna Whitehead, Carla Hall, Joshua Andry, Jeanette Schill and Susan Avinger. Some are former EDM310 students, like Lisiana Emmett. She and other teacher friends of mine have helped me with projects for this class and were kind enough to offer me help any time in the future.

Just about all of the websites and blogs I reviewed because of this class have been added to my PLN. Dr. Strange has provided us with a plethora of information to help develop us professionally. I now regularly visit resourceful education sites such as Blog 4 Edu and The Edublogger. Some sites I have found on my own are Educause, Cybraryman, The Educator’s PLN and

My PLN can be compared to my journey as an educator ~ I will never stop learning and my PLN will never stop growing.

the networked teacher's PLN

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