Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog Post 6

After viewing teacher Wendy Drexler’s video, The Networked Student, I concluded that I am prepared to teach a “networked student.” For decades I have used technology for entertainment, for work and for school purposes and watched it expand and evolve. It has changed the way we do almost everything. The websites, resources and other things that I have learned in EDM310 (and that I will continue learning, in this class and forever after) are showing me how to apply technology in the classroom in many ways. I know that it is important to stay up-to-date on new devices, software, any internet changes and popular internet sites, such as networking sites. As long as I continue to learn about new technology, I will be prepared for "networked students."

classroom of students sitting at computers with teacher at front using SMARTboard

Networking on the internet is a great way for teachers to share information, ideas and stories in order to help fellow teachers, students and parents. Networking with other educators allows us to learn from one another. Using networking sites, blogging, sharing links and other sites are a great way for teachers to share with each other. Not only is this beneficial for teachers, but also for their students, because they can pass new information on to their students and show them how to network on their own and become more independent when researching any subject or topic. On her blog, Ms. Drexler smartly comes up with a few potential obstacles and unknowns in implementing student networking in her upcoming middle school class. I am very interested in seeing a followup story to see how her students adapted to networking and how she was able use technology to teach science.

In the next video, Welcome to my PLE!, a seventh grade student gives you a brief tutorial of her Personal Learning Environment. I thought her PLE was similar to our PLN based on the different websites and technology used. The difference was, her blog was way more advanced than my own. I also liked the fact that she was allowed to put personal links at the top. This helps children and adults alike to be more comfortable at the computer. One major statement the student made, that I can definitely relate to regarding using technology to learn and to complete assignments, is that you have more freedom because you "can choose how to do it and when to do it." She goes on to give the answer all concerned mothers want to hear, "because there is so much freedom, you have the inclination to be responsible." This is what we are striving to become as professionals - responsible, technologically-literate educators. Therefore we must teach our students responsibility along with technology.


  1. Hello Kelly!

    I'm thrilled that you feel up to dealing with and teaching the networked students of today and tomorrow. It doesn't do us any good to worry about or fear those changes. It's funny, but it just clicked after weeks of reading your posts that you write like a journalist. I'm so used to writing my own articles for The Vanguard that the lack of the Oxford comma in your posts has managed to slip past me! Crazy, right? There's nothing wrong with leaving that comma out in articles, but English teachers like to leave it in there. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

    Great post!

  2. Hello Kelly!
    My name is Katie and I am in EDM 310 as well! The video about being an educator in today's times is very good indeed, especially because we do have to educate our children with technology there to help us. I agree it is very important to keep up-to-date with current programs, devices, and websites that enable us to do incredible tings in our classes. Having the ability to network and get help from other teachers and even other students is always so much fun. Having a PLE or PLN does make you feel more responsible because that freedom is there and we do not want to mess anything up or lose all that freedom we have gained.