Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project #7 C4K

In this project, we were to comment on kids' blogs. These kids are students from around the world who are learning how to write better and share their ideas, art, feelings and class projects through blogging.

In the first two weeks of the project, my blog responses were to Amos, a seventh grade student in Ms. Tito's class at Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. In his first blog post, Amos explains that his class went to the YMCA to practice their swimming techniques. I told him that since I live close to the Gulf of Mexico, I thought it was important to know how to swim well. I also saw on their class blog that the school's rugby team won the national championship and I congratulated his school. In Amos' next post, he talks about the rugby team winning the championship. You can tell he is very excited and proud of his school's team. I told him I thought it was important to support his classmates, school and friends.

My next student was an eighth grader in Mrs. Nua's class from Pt. England School named Ieremus. Here Ieremus told a short story about his family going to the beach and about him being stung by a jellyfish. I told him I had recently seen a large jellyfish at the beach and I told him how jellyfish can still sting even after they're dead. I also left him a link to learn more about jellyfish.

The third post was by Annexe, a seventh grader at Pt. England in Ms. Tito's class. She shares a picture of a measurement problem on the math website that she is working on. I told her I thought it was awesome that she likes math and problem solving and I told her to go with the purple ball and the brown ball on her math problem.

measurement problem on computer

My next response was to Zechariah, from Bailey Road School, a primary school in Auckland, New Zealand. In his post, "Stencil Art," Zechariah shows artwork about freedom done by his classmates. I thought the stencils made a profound statement against apartheid and brings attention to South African history and society.

stencil of a bird and the word freedom

Our last C4K assignment this month was to take a poll on which New Zealand flag we preferred on Kids With a View. I chose the traditional New Zealand flag because I like the red stars of the constellation on it. I left a link for anyone who might want to learn about Crux.

two flags of New Zealand


  1. Hi Kelly thanks for comment I really appreciate it .I think your project #7 C4K is working because when you comment on kids blog you inspire them to blog them to blog more,and thanks for mention me in your blog but you should have given Mohana crdiet for her picture but its alright. Bye:}

  2. I think it's great that you got a comment back from a student! Awesome job commenting on the kids' blogs and leaving them relevant and helpful comments.