Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About Randy Pausch and Time Management

Randy Pausch's views on time management are very logical and common sense. Mr. Pausch first informs us that eliminating procrastination will help relieve some of the stress we have in our lives, which of course makes perfect sense. He compares the way we spend money with the way we should spend our time. He suggests we make to-do lists and plan ahead, acknowledging that many times we have to change our plans, and to even plan to change plans, but at least have a plan to reach our goals. I actually do this already. Another thing that I do that he suggests is to do the "ugly" thing first, or "eat the biggest frog" first.

After a quick internet search, I learned that Mr. Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University and it appears he was a great speaker who lost a battle with cancer in July 2008. This caused me to think about the bigger picture, how his lectures inspired so many people, and still can to this day. So all of our videos, blogs, lectures and tools we invent to educate and help others will continue to change others' lives even after ours is gone.
randy pausch

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